The Millennium Charity Support

The Millennium Charity was started in 2002 as a direct result of excess book stock being produced in the 1990's causing a massive problem with overstock getting back on to the market that should have been landfilled. Our Mr Colin Carter - Harrold set up a Waste recycling group that stopped black market stock being resold. The fibre is now recycled to produce other secondary products .
After a number of years a group of publishers cleared Mr Carter - Harrold and The Millennium Charity, to direct some badly needed university books to restock the university library in the Gambia. The presentation was made in 2006 to the minister of education with the support of the Gambian president. This started a fantastic aid plan to help stock many poor and deprived schools in the Gambia, Senegal, and across Africa into Kenya and Uganda. This was part of Book Aid that helped the education of the poorer nations. The Millennium Charity Support still continues its work with schools and education groups in Africa and now has started projects in the middle east. We support a number of African charities who can direct our aid to the local areas they work closely in.

The Millennium Charity Support started donating additional educational goods, that came from our publishers and associated company's, through a number of well known larger charities from 2008 to 2012. This was great for a while but it was found that we had no control of the donated products and their use, and we had little traceability for our donation partners. At this point Colin and Tanya, spent more time traveling and looking for suitable projects, causes and localized charities that we can work with and champion. This means that through directed effort all our aid and products are now distributed by our small charity partners around the world and our project managers. This way we can make sure all our effort is targeted, and does not to go to feed the pockets of those that already have and don't need.

Further to our continued book donations the charity has partnered up with Halfords, Bathroom.com, Thorntons, Travis Perkins Group and other multi national organizations to put their end of lines, damaged stocks and donated products to better use through the charity channels that were already established with our book and stationary media. This means that no stocks ever come back and harm our suppliers in the E.U. We have successfully donated and distributed over 8 x 40FT containers full of product in 2017 and now 6 containers in the first 2 months of 2018. We hope to sustain this growth over the next few years as other companies join in with donations. With our clothing bails we will send at least one 40ft container out to Africa each month as a minimum and so any donated product will be shipped out within 3 weeks of collection. We continue to keep our partners updated with how their stocks are being used, by who and where they have been sent. Picture boards are regularly produced for our partners giving a direct pictorial story of their donated products journey.

In the last year The Millennium charity's donation and personal visits have enabled an orphanage in the sacred Valley, Peru move to a new location and secure the welfare of homeless youngsters who are cared for by a fantastic team of volunteers. We are underway with an education and health center build in the Rifte Valley Kenya for kids who otherwise would have little chance of moving out of poverty, and our support for Gap Kenya is now a key area of our development in 2018. We are currently supporting their efforts on their outreach centres with the purchase of a desperately needed 4wd vehicle. We presented this in June 2018 and await its shipping and registration.
W e continue to finance our nurse team who look after kids who have lost their parents through aids and Glue in the Rifte Valley.
If you wish to contact us to discuss our work, donate product, or request assistance from us please use our contact form.