Nissan Pathfinder for GapKenya

Nissan Pathfinder for GapKenya

Millennium charity support surprised Gayle and Paul woods of Gap Kenya with a 4 wheel drive Nissan Pathfinder.

After 6 weeks in Africa working alongside gap Kenya on their projects, Tanya and Colin Carter - Harrold new they had to help with the team's transportation as the small SUV used to support children and women on the dump site struggled with the local terrain. In the rainy season it can't reach crucial locations and ordinarily, with the state of the roads, it struggles to manage.

"I just wanted to add my personal thanks to Colin and Tanya of Millennium Charity Support for their amazing generosity by providing GapKenya with this vehicle so desperately needed, it will play its part in changing the lives of the kids living on the streets of Mombasa and the mums and kids living horrendous lives on the Mwakirunge Dumpsite, also in Mombasa." - paul woods, GapKenya

They can support all projects with 2 vehicles and this 4 wd is ideal for carrying people and supplies even on the bad roads in all weathers. They work so hard and support so many that we are thankful to be able to help. We will now ship the Nissan which will arrive in June to Mombassa.

"It was great to surprise Gayle and Paul with the 4 wd they were shocked and moved as we know how much it will help them and their team on the ground" - Colin, Millenium charity support

Update 28/05/2018

The Nissan Pathfinder is now on the way to Kenya. We really cant wait for it to arrive and be put to good use!




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