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Our work at Mwakirunge dumpsite Mombasa, Kenya

Helping Gap Kenya, UK support is now making a difference

A working rubbish dump, a place you'd normally tour to see methane recovery projects or inspect landfill weighing stations. But this isn't a regular landfill it's also one of Kenya's most deprived communities. Adults and children alike live and work on the dump site in appalling conditions, but this is their home. With Gaps supported center they are now making a difference.

The Children of Mwakirunge

It's as incredible to see how full of joy these children are as it is heartbreaking to see the conditions in which they live. We have the good fortune of spending time at both the Joseph and Stepping Stones Centers, Mombassa, Kenya. These centers are safe places where these children and single mothers can get an education, learn to read, write and build their self-esteem. Both centers are key in being able to equip their students to improve their lives and be inspirational members of society.

Our Celebration Feast for all

On Our recent trip we celebrated the completion and growing success of The Joseph Center with all that currently live on the dump site.

We wish we could do this every day but by giving education, practical skills and support at the center each woman and child can finally better support themselves and each other. Gap will give them the ability to improve their lives and give them the self confidence to move from the dump with skills that will support their families for years to come.

Fun Day

So today was our New Year Fun Day!

Posted by Gap Kenya on Friday, 12 January 2018
Joseph Centre

The Joseph Centre today. Say hi to the mums, the children and our staff........they are all fantastic!

Posted by Gap Kenya on Thursday, 8 February 2018

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